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    Life-Changing Herbs
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    The history and science of adaptogens.

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REBBL & Not For Sale

What is REBBL?

REBBL was created to be the world’s finest organic, ethically-sourced, therapeutic strength herbal tonic. We have searched for something similar, but nothing else compares.

What is our mission?

To provide an easy, delicious way to experience the amazing health benefits of tonic herbs that supports a unique business model with direct impact in the fight to end global human trafficking.

How was REBBL created?

REBBL was born out of a passionate collaboration between powerful thought-leaders to identify an innovative, sustainable, market-based solution to stop exploitation in the Peruvian Amazon. Learn about Not For Sale’s Montara Circle.

From inception to launch, we’ve started a movement. We’ve forged the path to a healthier, more just and dignified world.

Follow The Road to REBBL.

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The Herbal Force of Nature. Bottled.

  • We know you care about the details, and what we leave out of REBBL is almost as
    important as what we put in. The result? Pure, delicious, full-strength tonics. Always.


    • Organic
    • Vegan
    • Fair Trade
    • Therapeutic strength
    • Artisan and sustainably sourced
    • Respectful of traditional knowledge
    • Made with full-spectrum ingredients
    • Always true-brewed whole leaf teas


    • GMO’s
    • ‘Natural Flavors’
    • Soy derived ingredients
    • Agave syrup or nectar
    • Synthetics
    • Isolated compounds
    • Preservatives or artificial anything (of course)
    Forest Berry
    Forest Berry

    FOREST BERRY blends three superior tonic herbs from lush, northern woodlands with a handful of alkalizing forest botanicals and the world's most popular beverage: true, craft-brewed, whole leaf tea.

    Siberian BearThis tonic is inspired by the Siberian bear: A lover of forest berries, curious explorer and mythological symbol of healing, intuition and fearless leadership.

    Hibiscus Mint
    Hibiscus Mint

    HIBISCUS MINT blends three of South America's superior tonic herbs with yerba mate, the region's most popular energizing tea.

    HummingbirdThe iridescent hummingbird of this Peruvian tonic is the mythological messenger of the gods and a sacred symbol of supreme adaptability. One of the world’s great mysteries is the 305-foot-long hummingbird drawn on the surface of the Nazca desert in Peru over 2,000 years ago.

    Ginger Citrus
    Ginger Citrus

    GINGER CITRUS is REBBL's quintessential Asian supertonic honoring the science, taste and tradition of three of its most beloved herbs – ginseng, ginger and green tea – all unified with a blend of organic citrus juices. A most powerful, alchemical, elixir.

    TigerTHE TIGER is one of the most sacred animals in Chinese mythology, a symbol of passion, power, and action. Taoist Immortal Chang Tao-ling, a mystic and alchemist, was often pictured riding a tiger.

Tonic Herbs

Sometimes the path forward begins by looking back...

In every corner of the world there exists a priceless herbal tradition resulting from generations of practitioners refining and expanding the human understanding of plant medicines. Over half of the world’s prescription drugs originate from this traditional knowledge base and the plants that are their source.

For the first time, this knowledge is honored in delicious, ready-to-drink, therapeutic strength, tonic formulas - your source of a lifetime of true vitality.

  • Cat's Claw

    Cat's Claw

    Legendary among the Peruvians as a panacea, Cat’s Claw strongly boosts immunity and quenches inflamation, reducing pain and speeding recovery. Our cat's claw is responsibly harvested by a unique indigenous cooperative exclusively for REBBL.

  • Macaroot

    Maca Root

    The premier Andean adaptogen is maca. Cultivated at high altitude on the central Peruvian plateau, this super-food is rich in essential vitamins and minerals . As an adaptogen, it harmonizes multiple body systems including hormone balancing through nourishing the master glands: the hypothalamus and pituitary.

  • Ginseng


    Ginseng, the 'king of herbs' is known for its profound immediate and long term health benefits. Traditionally classified as a superior adaptogen, ginseng builds life force in all three treasures: Qi, Jing and Shen, the reservoirs of our true vitality. Taken regularly, ginseng helps promote a full body health that will be felt for a lifetime.

  • Astragalus


    Astragalus plays a lead role in many tonic formulas due to its strengthening properties, promoting an abundance of immediately accessible energy. Like many adaptogens, the benefits of astragalus are cummulative, resulting in improved digestion, immune response and elimination of toxins.

  • Eleuthero


    Buried in often impenetrable forests in northern Asia and Russia is the elusive Eleuthero. Its woody root has been used for centuries as a world-class tonic shown to powerfully boost stamina, physical endurance and concentration, earning its name "Siberian Ginseng."

  • Reishi


    Reishi mushrooms are the most scientifically studied medicinal herb in the world, and may be the single most important ingredient supporting your overall health. Their immunopotentiation, antiviral and anti-allergy properties have earned them the due respect of the medical community.

  • Ashwagandha


    One of the most vital herbs in Ayurvedic healing, ashwagandha translates to “strength of a stallion.” Native to the dry regions of India and the Middle East, its immunity building, stress reducing, and anti-inflammatory benefits have been touted through the ages. It is sometimes called the Indian ginseng for its range of rejuvenating effects.

  • Hibiscus


    The brightly flowered hibiscus plant has long been used as a medicinal tea in Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean to fight illness, lower blood pressure, and improve digestion. Like red wine, its antioxidants and bioflavonoids aid in reducing the risk of heart disease.

  • Elderberry


    The berries, flowers and bark of the European "Elder" plant are all a trusted in folk medicine. Today, scientists study how the dark purple Elderberry offers remarkable antiviral and immunity support.

  • Ginger


    Ginger, one of the world’s great flavors, is also one of nature's most healing foods. For thousands of years, ginger has been known as a potent digestive aid and potentiator of medicinal herbal remedies.

  • Guayusa Leaf

    Guayusa Leaf

    Guayusa leaf tea is an Amazon morning ritual that energizes, emboldens and soothes. With nearly twice the antioxidant power of green tea and the mood-enhancing lift of chocolate, Guayusa is the ultimate rainforest tea. REBBL has partnered with RUNA, the world’s only source of organic, Fair Trade guayusa.

  • Dandelion


    The forgotten super-green. In Europe, before modern medicine, dandelion was the “official cure for disorders.” It is widely cited as one of the world’s healthiest edible plants. High in calcium, this "wish-maker" detoxifies to your liver, and balances blood sugar.

  • Stinging Nettle

    Stinging Nettle

    Stinging nettle is a common hedgerow weed that acts as a potent, nutrient dense, body alkalizer. Rich in iron, it is a slow-acting highly nutritive herb that gently cleanses the body of metabolic wastes. It also aids digestion and joint inflammation.

ADAPTOGENS : Higher Herbal Intelligence

Every REBBL tonic is formulated as a celebration of the finest, world-class adaptogenic herbs.

Adaptogens, a very special class of herbal compounds, are among the most prized health promoting substances known to man. Famed for normalizing the body, gently bringing it back to homeostasis, adaptogens appear to target and correct what’s out of balance. Only a handful of these unique supertonic herbs exist and we are dedicated to bringing you the best.

Some of the benefits attributed to adaptogens:

  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Improve focus & attention span
  • Balance appetite and mood
  • Accelerate physical recovery
  • Decrease anxiety and tension
  • Increase long-term endurance
  • Increase protection to the vital organs

Adaptogens promote general wellness through complex biological processes. Sometime referred to as dual-directional herbs, adaptogens can promote homeostasis when important body systems (like the immune system) are out of balance. These special herbs can be taken daily as they have both an immediate and cumulative long-term effect. It's the oldest and newest wellness science - a higher herbal intelligence.

A Quick History

In 1947 a Russian scientist coined the term adaptogen when he recognized that a special class of herbs could elicit unique and often non-specific physiological responses in his test subjects. He showed that a single herb could both subdue an over active immune systems, and stimulate a sluggish immune system, bringing complex body system into balance. He later confirmed that these ‘adaptogenic herbs’ had a similar harmonizing effect on the nervous system, hormones, metabolism and healthy cell function.

His continued research revealed that there were a number of herbs that exhibited these unique properties and that they could be taken safely over long periods of time with positive health effects.


Fueling impact: a fierce dedication to people and planet

The natural treasures of the Amazon are truly invaluable, yet this region’s inhabitants are living at the margins of the global economy. Today’s supply chains must be rebuilt to create opportunities where there are none.

We proudly partner with Not For Sale to address the root cause of slavery in the Peruvian Amazon: economic vulnerability.

"Impact sourcing" generates a cycle of empowerment:

This is REBBL’s sustainable, scalable economic ecosystem. With this model, we aim to create jobs and grow social economies in other regions of the world where labor exploitation thrives.


At the heart of REBBL is the incredible life-giving force of nature. We believe that the connection between people and planet is sacred and should be honored as such.

Our products represent the preservation of traditional cultural wisdoms that have existed for thousands of years.

REBBL is dedicated to the environmental, economic, social, and cultural dimensions of sustainability. We pledge to discover what it takes to achieve a positive "triple bottom line" of people, planet, and profit on a global scale and advocate for transparency.

Because beverage manufacturing is a complex and energy intensive set of systems, we have taken on the responsibility to find solutions to reduce, and eventually, reverse our negative impact.

By July 2014 REBBL will have completed a full audit of its supply chain and production systems, calculating with accuracy the carbon footprint of each bottle produced.

By the end of 2015, REBBL will implement a plan to achieve carbon neutrality. Beyond that, REBBL is aimed towards a net positive environmental impact - essentially a carbon sequestering program that will move all of us towards a safer, more balanced future climate.